India ranks 141 in the 2019 Global Peace Index

Iceland topped the Global Peace Index 2019 rankings which was released by Institute for Economics & Peace.  Since 2008, Iceland holds the most peaceful country in the world. India ranked 141 among 163 countries. In 2018, India ranked at 136th among 163 countries.
Afghanistan ranked as the least peaceful country in the world. Th has replaced Syria, which is now the second least peaceful

The Australian think tank ranked countries according to their level of peacefulness.
The analysis were based on three major domains:
1) the level of societal safety and security
2) the extent of ongoing domestic and international conflict 
3) the degree of militarization

Top/Bottom 5 countries:
The top five countries in the list are Iceland, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, and Denmark.
The least 5 peaceful countries in the list are Iraq, Yemen, South Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan (ranked the least) remains the world’s least peaceful counties.

Findings of the report:
The report highlighted that India, Philippines, Japan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan are the nine countries with the highest risk of multiple climate hazards.
In the overall natural hazard score, India stands 7th highest.
The top 5 countries with the largest total military expenditure are India, the US, China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. 
Bhutan topped the index with 15th rank, followed by Sri Lanka 72nd rank, Nepal 76th rank and Bangladesh stood101 among the South Asian countries. Pakistan has been ranked 153rd on the index.

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