The 16th Asia Media Summit was successfully concluded on 13 June in Cambodia

The 16th Asia Media Summit was concluded on 13 June in Cambodia. The summit called for regulation-making to fight against fake news and cyber-crimes.The theme of the summit was Media Digitalisation – Focusing on Developing Markets.

16th Asia Media Summit:
The summit was organised by Cambodian Ministry of Information and the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD). 
Participants: Around 600 media representatives from 42 countries and regions participated in the two-day summit.

The summit focused on the spread of disinformation or fake news and its impact on governments, media, private sector and society. The discussions included the concerns caused by digital media, which requires relevant authorities to make regulations to anti-cybercrimes, fake news, and training people to raise awareness and enhance media profession.
The summit encouraged the broadcasters and other media stakeholders to counter fake news by strengthening law enforcement, ethics and professionalism.

Angkor Fake News Initiative:
During the summit Angkor Fake News Initiative was launched. It is year-long research project to find out appropriate measures to counter fake news. It was urged that fake news and cyber-crimes pose severe risks to individual’s right and security in the region as well as in the globe.

Asia Media Summit:
Asia Media Summit was established in 2004 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The summit was held subsequently in Malaysia until 2008. 
The sixth round of the meeting was moved to Macau of China in 2009. It was then held in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, India and Cambodia in the following years.
It provides opportunity for media practitioners, industry leaders, broadcasters, researchers, academia, experts and media policy makers to meet and discuss the developing media’s quality and high technological revolution.

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