India ranks 95 in the Sustainable Development Goals Gender Index

India ranked 95th out of 129 countries in the Sustainable Development Goals Gender Index. India’s score of 56.2 on a scale of 0–100.The index found that no country has fully achieved te gender equality and that the global average score of65.7 out of 100 which falls in the poor category. 

SDG Gender Index a new index that measures global gender equality considering various parameters such as education, literacy, political representation, poverty, health, and equality at the workplace. The SDG gender index included 51 indicators across 14 of the 17 official Sustainable Development Goals. The list covered 129 countries across all regions of the world.

Index developed by:
The SDG Gender Index was developed by UK-based Equal Measures 2030 along with regional and global organisations including Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women, African Women’s Development and Communication Network, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and International Women’s Health Coalition.

India in the list:
India’s highest goal scores in the Index are on SDG 3 of health where it secured 79.9SDG 2 of hunger and nutrition with 76.2 and SDG 7 of energy with 71.8.
India’s lowest goal scores in the SDG index are on SDG 17 of partnerships, the country scored 18.3SDG 9 of industry, infrastructure and innovation with 38.1 and SDG 13 of climate with 43.4.

Top/Bottom 10 Countries in the Index:
The countries that secured the top 10 ranks are Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Ireland, and Australia.
The countries that secured the last 10 ranks are Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Yemen, Congo, DR Congo, and Chad.

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