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International Day of Drug Checking 2023 observed on 31st March

International Day of Drug Checking 2023: The International Day of Drug Checking is an annual event held on March 31st since 2017. The purpose of the day is to educate people about drugs and their effects and to promote harm reduction initiatives to reduce the risks associated with drug use. The primary goal is to raise public awareness about the availability of drug testing services and organisations around the world. The day emphasizes the importance of harm reduction actions related to drugs and aims to decrease drug-related risks.

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Drug abuse was linked to approximately 11.8 million deaths in 2017, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Recently, more and more adolescents are becoming victims of substance abuse. The International Day of Drug Checking is an effort to collectively reduce drug abuse and create a drug-free world.

Drug supply is often associated with organized crime and syndicate networks. For example, the Taliban in Afghanistan has used opium trafficking to finance its operations. On the International Day of Drug Checking in 2023, we should recognise and appreciate the work of anti-drug organisations, but we should also pledge to work towards a drug-free society.

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