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Colours play an important role in a drawing. They can make a picture attractive and lively. Various emotions and feelings can be expressed by properly using colours. For example -red corresponds with any danger, fire, strength etc.

The colours are divided as follows :

  1. Primary colour
  2. Secondary colour
  3. Complementary colour

Primary colours : The colours from which all other colours can be mixed – they are yellow, red and blue. Primary colours are those basic colours from which all colours can be obtained.

Secondary colour : The Colours which can be obtained from any two primary colours they are green, violet, orange.

Complementary colour : The Complementary colours of each primary colours is formed by mixing the other two primary colours, for example the complementary colours of red is green, red is primary colour and green is composed of the other two.


The following materials are required for drawing and painting.

1.Paper : Different papers like cartridge whatman, handmate, oil sketch, papers etc. used for drawing and painting.

2. Drawing Board: A flat rigid surface usually made of wood, to which paper can be pained clipped for drawing.

3. Pencil : There are different kinds of pencils such as HB, 2B to 6B and hard pencil are H, 2H, 4H etc.

4. A knife or Blade : It is used for sharpening the pencil.

5. Brush: There are various types of brushes thick, thin round or flat. Sable hair brushes are usually round and good for water colour. Hog hair brushes are used for oil painting.

7. Palette: A surface on which paint can be mixed is called Palette. Some palettes have a thumb hole to hold while working.

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