Types of Painting


Landscape painting means a drawing and painting of natural scene, it includes mountain, land, house, tree, clouds, sky, sea etc. When an artist compose these things in perfect harmony with the surrounding atmosphere. we get a beautiful landscape, so the painting which depicts these nature’s beauty is called landscape.

To draw a landscape the high technical knowledge is needed,a horizontal line is first to be drawn to divide the paper into the sky and land,sea, etc. By applying bright colors to the nearer objects and less bright color to the far away objects can create depth and distance in landscape painting. So the use of blue color is a very important factor in drawing landscape.

Still life :

Still life is  a form of painting in which the subject is composed of a group of inanimate object. In still life drawing the picture is drawn in the context of light and shade, the shape, size volume, dimension, color and character of every object should be carefully drawn. The drawing of a still life is to be practiced at a certain distance.

The subject of still life painting can be selected from different types of fruits, leaves, flowers, vegetable, book, vase, drapery etc. In still life painting importance is given to the object and the background both. The composed object is drawn from a specific position which give a full and best view of the object.


perspective painting

Perspective is used in drawing and paintings to help to create a sense of depth and space which is also called illusion of three-dimensions. The best known effect of perspective is that the objects which are further look smaller. But things which are very distance also look fainter and more blue in color.

Perspective drawing can be divided into two categories:

1) Perceptual perspective

2) Conceptual perspective

1) Perceptual perspective : When an artist draws an object he is able to see only a part of it. The presentation of the part that he can perceive is called perceptual perspective.

2) Conceptual perspective : This kind of perspective deals with the object and its surrounding. A good example of Conceptual perspective is reflected in a child painting. Where the details are absent. In this perspective artist makes his version in such a way that the observes all objects equally.

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