Luxor Selects Virat Kohli as Brand Ambassador

Luxor Selects Virat Kohli as Brand Ambassador: Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt Ltd, a stationery manufacturer, has appointed renowned cricketer Virat Kohli as its latest brand ambassador. Kohli is widely regarded as one of the best cricketers of all time, having set numerous records throughout his career. He will represent Luxor’s stationery products and help the company increase its appeal among young writers, thereby enhancing its position as a prominent writing instrument provider in the country.

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Luxor has announced a collaboration with Indian cricket legend Virat Kohli, who will serve as the brand ambassador for the company. The objective of this partnership is to enhance the appeal of Luxor’s stationery brand, specifically among the youth market, and establish Luxor as a leading writing instrument brand in India.

Luxor, an Indian stationery brand, has teamed up with Germany’s Schneider Pen to introduce a high-end range of creative writing instruments in India. This partnership between Luxor and Schneider Pen is expected to increase the appeal of the stationery brand, especially among the younger generation, and consolidate its position as a major supplier of high-performance writing tools in India.

History of Luxor International Private Limited

Luxor International Private Limited, a well-known Indian stationery manufacturer, was founded in 1963. The company produces a variety of writing instruments under its own brand name, including popular products such as Pilot, Parker, and Waterman. Its headquarters are located in Noida, India.

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