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Maharashtra got first rank in NITI Aayog launched plan “Agricultural Marketing and Farmer Friendly Reforms Index (AMFFRI)”.

Maharashtra achieved first rank in NITI Aayog launched “Agricultural Marketing and Farmer Friendly Reforms Index (AMFFRI), which ranks states based on the degree of reforms they have undertaken in agricultural marketing.

“The State has implemented most of the marketing reforms and it offers best environment for doing agri-business among all the States/UTs. Gujarat ranks second with a score of 71.5 out of 100, closely followed by Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh,” the Economic Survey 2018-19 highlighted.

NITI Aayog launched in 2016 an index to rank States and UTs based on implementation of seven provisions proposed under model APMC Act like joining e-NAM initiative, special treatment to fruits and vegetables for marketing and level of taxes in mandis.

These indicators reveal ease of doing agribusiness as well as opportunities for farmers to benefit from modern trade and commerce and have wider option for sale of her/his produce. These indicators also represent competitiveness, efficiency and transparency in agri markets.

The second area of reforms captured by the index include facilitation and liberalization of land lease. The third area included in the index represent freedom given to farmers for felling and transit of trees grown on private land. This represent opportunity to diversify farm business.

AMFFRI has a score that can have minimum value “0” implying no reforms and maximum value “100” implying complete reforms in the selected areas. States and UTs have been ranked using this index.

No state in the country has implemented the entire set of market reforms. Also, land leasing and harvest and marketing of some tree species on private farm land are subjected to various degrees of restrictions in almost all the States/UTs.

The State of Karnataka, which is considered progressive in implementing market reforms, did not figure among the top states for two reasons. It is lagging in liberalization of land lease and restrictions on felling of trees on private land. Two, it is not yet integrated with eNAM. However, the State has its own Unified Market Platform operated by ReMS, which has all the provisions as envisaged under eNAM. If this reform in the State is treated at par with eNAM, then Karnataka earns additional score of 7.4. This increases the score of the State in AMFFRI from 55.5 to 62.9 and raises its rank from 8th place to the 6th place.

Agriculturally developed State of Punjab ranks 14th with a score of 43.9. This is because of poor implementation of market reforms in the State. Almost two third States/UTs could not reach even halfway mark of reforms score. Major States like U.P., Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and J&K are in this group. States/UTs do not have APMC Act, which is a challenge to provide ranking to these States in market reforms.

About NITI Aayog
NITI Aayog has three key areas for reform and is now persuading states to undertake the reforms. The basic areas identified for immediate reforms are:
Agricultural market reforms
Land lease reforms
Reforms related to forestry on private land felling and transit of trees. 
The increasing incidents of leasing in and out of land with lesser number of cultivators.
NITI reformed the land leasing law to recognize the tenant and safeguard the interests of land owners. 
The reforms also lay stress on the untapped scope of agroforestry in supplementing farmers income.  

About Maharashtra
Capital: Mumbai
Governor:C. Vidyasagar Rao
Chief Minister: Devendra Fadnavis (BJP)

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