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List of Computer Abbreviations and Full Form for Bank/SSC/Railway Exam

List of Computer Abbreviations and Full Form

Sl. Abbreviations Full Form
1 COMPUTER Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Trade/Technology, Education, and Research.
2 AAC Advanced Audio Coding
3 AI Artificial Intelligence
4 ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
5 ACL Access Control List
6 ADO Active Data Objects
7 AGP Accelerated Graphics Part
8 ALGOL Algorithmic Language
9 ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit
10 AOL America Online
11 API Application Program Interface
12 APT Automatically Programmed Tool
13 ARP Address Resolution Protocol
14 ASP Active Server Pages
15 ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
16 AVI Audio Video Interleave
17 ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
18 AT Advanced Technology
19 AUI Attachment Unit Interface
20 APIPA Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing


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