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List of Computer Abbreviations and Full Form for Bank/SSC/Railway Exam | Page-4

List of Computer Abbreviations and Full Form

Sl. Abbreviations Full Form
61 CDRW Compact Disk Rewritable
62 CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
63 CROM Computerized Range of Motion
64 CDROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory
65 CMD Command
66 CISC Complex Instructions Set Computers
67 COBOL Common Business Oriented Language
68 CPI Clock / Cycle Per Instruction
69 CPU Central Processing Unit
70 CSS Cascading Style Sheets
71 CUI Character User Interface
72 DAC Digital-To-Analog Converter
73 DAL Database Abstraction Layer
74 DAO Data Access Object
75 DAP Directory Access Protocol
76 DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
77 DB Database
78 DBA Database Administrator
79 DBCS Double Byte Character Set
80 DCOM Distributed Component Object Model

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