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Computer Awareness MCQs | Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 A step by step procedure used to solve a problem is called?
A Operating system
B Algorithm
C Application Program
D All of the above

Answer: Algorithm
2 Which of the following was the computer conceived by Babbage?
A Analytical Engine
B Arithmetic Machine
C Donald Kunth
D None of the above

Answer: Analytical Engine
3 Which among the following are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your car or a larger mechanical or electrical system.
A Servers
B Embedded computers
C Robotic computers
D Mainframes

Answer: Embedded computers
4 A set of rules for transferring data over a network is called?
A Protocol
B Program code
C Rules
D Flowchart

Answer: Protocol
5 Which among the following was the first graphical web browser?
A Mosaic
D Gopher

Answer: Mosaic
6 Which of the following is used for close a tab on a browser?
A Ctrl + T
B Ctrl + W
C Ctrl + A
D Ctrl + Y

Answer: Ctrl + W
7 The __________ is the smallest meaningful unit of data.
A cell
B field
C application
D all of the above

Answer: field
8 Which of the following option best refer the purpose of an application program?
A Meet specific user needs
B Make equivalent run better
C Allow the operating system to control resources better
D Convert program written in high-level language to machine level language

Answer: Meet specific user needs
9 An image on a computer screen is made up of-
A Byte
B Pixels
C Bit
D Palette

Answer: Pixels
10 Small application programs that run on a web page and may ensure a form is completed properly or provide animation are known as _____.
A Flash
B Spiders
C Cookies
D Applets

Answer: Applets
11 Who coined the term computer virus?
A MC Fee
B Smiths
C Frederick Cohen
D None of the above

Answer: Frederick Cohen
12 A(n) _________program is one that is ready to run and does not need to be altered in any way.
A Interpreter
B High-level
C Compiler
D Executable

Answer: Executable
13 Technique to implement virtual memory where memory is divided into units of fixed size memory is–
A Paging
B De-fragments
C Segmentation
D All of the above

Answer: Paging
14 USB is the acronym for?
A Upto Serial Bus
B Unified Serial Bus
C Unique Serial Bus
D Universal Serial Bus

Answer: Universal Serial Bus
15 Which of the following term is used to measure speed of a Processor?
A bytes
B gigabytes
C gigahertz
D megabytes

Answer: gigahertz
16 What type of Internet company provides pay-per-use software?
A Software leasing
B Software developers
C Software-as-a-service (Saas)
D Application service provider (ASP)

Answer: Application service provider (ASP)
17 WWhich protocol is used to obtain an IP and other network configuration information from a server on local network?
A Transmission Control Protocol
B User Datagram Protocol
C Code division multiple access
D Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Answer: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
18 Which of the following technologies allows you to send voice communications over the Internet and avoid the toll charges traditionally incurred by consumers?
A Telecommunication
B Data communication
D Cellular and mobile computing

Answer: VoIP
19 A bootstrap is:
A a memory device
B a device to support the computer
C an error correction technique
D a small initialisation program to start up a computer

Answer: a small initialisation program to start up a computer
20 Pop-ups are a form of ________on the World Wide Web?
A Online Advertising
B Search Engines
C Browsers
D Mark-up Languages

Answer: Online Advertising

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