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Computer Awareness MCQs | Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 ____________terminals (formerly known as cash registers) are often connected to complex inventory and sales computer systems.
A Data
B Point-of-sale (POS)
C Sales
D Query

Answer: Point-of-sale (POS)
2 What does the XP stand for in Windows XP?
A Exponential
B Experience
C Expertise
D Exchange

Answer: Experience
3 Cell phones use ____________ to access the Internet.
A micro browser software
B a notation system
C MMS technology
D HTML language

Answer: micro browser software
4 __________are 'attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from you by falsifying their identity.
A Phishing
B Computer viruses
C Spyware scams
D Viruses

Answer: Phishing
5 What does the computer abbreviation KB usually means?
A Key Block
B Kernel Boot
C Key Byte
D Kilo Byte

Answer: Kilo Byte
6 DRAM stands for ____.
A Digital Random Access Memory
B Domain Random Access Memory
C Dynamic Random Access Memory
D Dividend Random Access Memory

Answer: Dynamic Random Access Memory
7 What is a special visual and audio effect applied in PowerPoint called?
A Swipe
B Wipe
C Flash
D Animation

Answer: Animation
8 Which button makes alphabets/letters in uppercase and lowercase and numbers to symbols?
A Caps Lock
B Num Lock
C Shift
D Tab

Answer: Shift
9 What is the shortcut key to center the selected text?
A Ctrl+C
B Ctrl+Z
C Ctrl+E
D Ctrl+M

Answer: Ctrl+E
10 Which is the most popular presentation program supported by both Mac and Windows Platform?
A Adobe
B Avira
C Media Player
D Microsoft PowerPoint

Answer: Microsoft PowerPoint
11 A computer cannot boot if it does not have the?
A compiler
B loader
C operating system
D assembler

Answer: operating system
12 Which of the following displays the contents of the active cell?
A Active cell
B Name box
C Menu bar
D Formula bar

Answer: Formula bar
13 When you save a Microsoft Access project, what file format do you use?
A .adp
B .Xml
C .mbd
D All of these

Answer: .adp
14 A NAND gate is formed by ________?
A An AND gate followed by an OR gate
B An NOT gate followed by an AND gate
C An AND gate followed by NOT gate
D An OR gate followed by an AND gate

Answer: An AND gate followed by NOT gate
15 A peer-to-peer LAN is an appropriate network architecture for____
A The Internet
B Home network
C Network requiring a server with shared resources
D wide area network

Answer: Home network
16 What is the function of control unit?
A Providing resources to another node on a network
B Performing complex task of logical and arithmetic functions
C Managing memory usage
D Directing the operation of the other units by providing timing and control signals

Answer: Directing the operation of the other units by providing timing and control signals
17 Semi-Conductor Memory is known as?
B Hard disk
C Optical disk
D All of the above

Answer: RAM
18 To execute a given DOS program, you must type a(n) __________.
A command
B order
C syntax
D all of the above

Answer: command
19 Which of the following is not a binary number?
A 110010
B 201020
C 101010
D 100001

Answer: 201020
20 The simultaneous execution of two or more instructions is called-
A Sequential access
B Reduced instruction
C Multiprocessing
D Disk mirroring

Answer: Multiprocessing

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