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Computer Awareness MCQs | Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 The Word”SIS” is Stand For?
A Symbian OS Installer program
B System OS Installer File
C Symbian OS Installer File
D System OS Installer program

Answer: Symbian OS Installer File
2 Full form of the abbreviation SMPS is?
A Settled Mode Power Supply
B Switch Mode Power Supply
C Switch Mode Packet Switch
D Supply Mode Packet Switch

Answer: Switch Mode Power Supply
3 1024 MB = ?
A 1 YB
B 1 KB
C 1 PB
D None of these

Answer: None of these
4 What is the shortcut key to "Undo" the last action in a document?
A Ctrl + X
B Ctrl + Y
C Ctrl + Z
D Ctrl + U

Answer: Ctrl + Z
5 Which of the following will happen when data is entered into a memory location?
A It will add to the content of the location
B It will erase the previous content
C It will change the address of the memory location
D It will not be fruitful if there is already some data at the location

Answer: It will erase the previous content
6 Which of the following statement is correct?
A terminal section of a synchronous modem contains the scrambler
B transmission section of a synchronous modem contains the scrambler
C receiver section of a synchronous modem contains the scrambler
D control section of a synchronous modem contains the scrambler

Answer: transmission section of a synchronous modem contains the scrambler
7 When a computer is first turned on or restarted, a special type of absolute.loader called is executed
A Compile and Go loader
B Bootstrap loader
C Boot loader
D Relating loader

Answer: Bootstrap loader
8 Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing are examples of________.
A application software
B system software
C operating system software
D platform software

Answer: application software
9 Which of the following is not valid version of MS Office?
A Office 2010
B Office Vista
C Office 2007
D Office 365

Answer: Office Vista
10 FPI stands for____.
A Faults per inch
B Frames per inch
C Figure per inch
D Film per inch

Answer: Frames per inch
11 The overall design, construction, organization and interconnecting of the various components of a computer system is referred as _____________.
A Computer Algorithm
B Computer Flowchart
C Computer Architecture
D All of the above

Answer: Computer Architecture
12 A process of trying out a new product by independent users before it is finally manufactured/ developed–
A Beta Test
B Alpha test
C Gamma test
D All of the above

Answer: Beta Test
13 What is the standard query language supported by most DBMSs?
A Object-oriented language
B Report generator language
C Structured Query Language (SQL)
D Query-by-example (QBE)

Answer: Structured Query Language (SQL)
14 Which of the following storage devices can usually store maximum amount of data?
A Floppy Disk
B Hard Disk
C Compact Disk
D Magneto Optic Disk

Answer: Hard Disk
15 Abacus was the first ________.
A electronic computer
B mechanical computer
C electronic calculator
D mechanical calculator

Answer: mechanical calculator
16 What is Dot-matrix?
A Tape
B Printer
C Disk
D Bus

Answer: Printer
17 Which among the following is the largest space?
A kilobyte
B petabyte
C terabyte
D gigabyte

Answer: petabyte
18 What is the name given to the process of initializing a personal computer with its operating system?
A Rooting
B Knotting
C Routing
D Booting

Answer: Booting
19 What type of language is HTML?
A Scripting
B Programming
C Web Browser
D Encryption

Answer: Scripting
20 In Web Word “URL” use for?
A Ultra Resource Locator
B Ultimate Resource Locator
C Universal Resource Locator
D Uniform Resource Locator

Answer: Uniform Resource Locator

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