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Chemistry - General Science MCQs for Competitive Exams | Page-7

61 Which one of the following organic compounds has fruity smell
A Ether
B Ester
C Aldehyde
D Alcohol

Answer: Option [B]
62 A substance which readily forms colloidal solution in contact with water is called
A Hydrophobic colloid
B Hydrophilic colloid
C Associated colloid
D Extrinsic colloid

Answer: Option [B]
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63 Which of the following gases is most toxic
A Chlorine
B Sulphur dioxide
C Carbon monoxide
D Carbon dioxide

Answer: Option [C]
64 Water can be separated from alcohol water mixture by
A Sublimation
B Distillation
C Evaporation
D Decantation

Answer: Option [B]
65 Vulcanization of rubber is carried out by adding
A Phosphorus
B Ozone
C Carbon
D Sulphur

Answer: Option [D]
66 Which gas is used as fire extinguisher
A Carbon monoxide
B Sulphur dioxide
C Carbon dioxide
D Carbon suboxide

Answer: Option [C]
67 The lustre of the metal is because of
A High polish
B High density, due to closed pack of atoms
C Absorption of light due to the presence of cavities
D Reflection of light due to the presence of free electrons

Answer: Option [D]
68 The major harmful gas emitted by automobile vehicles which causes air pollution is
A Methane
B Ozone gas
C Carbon monoxide
D Carbon dioxide

Answer: Option [C]
69 Pasteurization is a process in which milk is heated to
A 600C for 10 minutes
B 630C for 20 minutes
C 630C for 30 minutes
D 720C for 10 minutes

Answer: Option [C]
70 Ammonial is a mixture of
A Aluminium powder and ammonium nitrate
B Alluminium powder and potassium sulphate
C Aluminium powder and ammonium chloride
D Alluminium powder and ammonium nitrate

Answer: Option [A]


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