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Computer Awareness MCQs | Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 The Word “UMTS” is Abbreviation of?
A Universal Mobile Telecommunication on System
B Uniform Mobile Telecommunication on System
C Uniform Multimedia Telecommunication on System
D Universal Mobile Technology on System

Answer: Universal Mobile Telecommunication on System
2 Which is not a functions of firewall ?
A To block websites from being able to access your computer
B To regulate some of the flow of traffic between computers networks of different trust level
C It stops anyone on the outside from establishing a connection with a computer in your private network
D None of these

Answer: None of these
3 Logo of indicates that ––––
A Look at the top
B Save your time and money
C You can get everything from A to Z
D Best deal on amazon

Answer: You can get everything from A to Z
4 Sending an e-mail is similar to?
A picturing an event
B narrating a story
C writing a letter
D creating a drawing

Answer: writing a letter
5 What is the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hard disk called?
A configuration
B download
C Installation
D Storage

Answer: Installation
6 What term refers to living life through technology?
A Virtual living
B E-living
C Virtual space
D E-Society

Answer: E-Society
7 Which type of software manages the computers processes, functioning as an interface, connecting the user, the application software user, the application software and the hardware?
A System software
B Utility program
C Translator program
D Operating system

Answer: Operating system
8 _______ Control refers to a set of procedures used to restrict the amount of data that the sender can send before waiting for acknowledgment.
A Flow
B Transfer
C Transmission
D All the above

Answer: Flow
9 A __________ is a small program embedded inside of a GIF image.
A web bug
B cookie
C spyware application
D spam

Answer: web bug
10 Where header appears?
A Top
B Bottom
C Centre
D All of these

Answer: Top
11 The most popular language for interactive use is?

Answer: BASIC
12 CAD stands for?
A Computer Aided Design
B Computer Algorithm for Design
C Computer Application in Design
D All of these

Answer: Computer Aided Design
13 Which of the following terms does not describe a database structure used by a DBMS to link data from several files?
A Relational
B Structural
C Network
D All of these

Answer: Structural
14 Which of the following is valid IP address?
A 984.12.787.76
B 192.168.321.10
C 1.888.234.3456

15 What is the full form of TCP/IP?
A Transmission control protocol/internet protocol
B telephone call protocol/international protocol
C transport control protocol/internet protocol
D Tele caller protocol institutional protocol

Answer: Transmission control protocol/internet protocol
16 A collection of related fields in data organization is called?
A group
B file
C information
D register

Answer: register
17 The Factor which makes Windows popular is its?
A multitasking capacity
B desktop features
C being inexpensive
D user freiendly GUI features

Answer: user freiendly GUI features
18 Even if a disk drive fails, the computer application running and using it can continue processing. This application is said to have been designed with this feature called?
A 100 percent uptime
B Fault tolerance
C High reliability
D All of these

Answer: Fault tolerance
19 In MICR, C stands for?
A Code
B Colour
C Computer
D Character

Answer: Character
20 Cell phones use ____________ to access the Internet.
A MMS technology
B a notation system
C Micro browser software
D HTML language

Answer: Micro browser software

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