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Computer Awareness MCQs | Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 The ____________ is the central part of the OS that consists of instructions that control the actions the OSuses most frequently.
A profile
B bios
C kernel
D booting

Answer: kernel
2 …………….appear on the scroll bar and can be clicked to scroll the document line by line.
A Contextual tabs
B Windows borders
C Scroll arrows
D Restore down buttons

Answer: Scroll arrows
3 Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point are the programs in _________________.
A Internet browser
B common interface
C Open Office
D Microsoft Office

Answer: Microsoft Office
4 A computer used at supermarkets, departmental stores and restaurant etc is called ______ terminal.
B Dumb
C Intelligent
D Smart

Answer: POS
5 The CPU is made up of two smaller components
A ALU and CU
D RAM and CU

Answer: ALU and CU
6 Which of the following bypasses the print dialog box when printing individual slides or an entire presentation?
A File, print preview
B Print button
C File, print
D Ctrl + p

Answer: Print button
7 ADSL, SDSL, HDSL, and VDSL are examples of different types of …………
A Digital subscriber lines
B Digital modems
D None of these

Answer: Digital subscriber lines
8 …………… the process that transforms data such as voice, text, graphics, audio, and video into digital form.
A Wireless data transmission
B Digitization
C Convergence
D Data transfer

Answer: Digitization
9 The ‘C’ language is
A Context free language
B Context sensitive language
C Regular language
D Assembly language

Answer: Context free language
10 What is the main advantage of magneticcore memory over semiconductor RAM memory?
A More compact and smaller
B More economical
C A bit does not have to write after reading
D Non-volatile

Answer: Non-volatile
11 Which kind of device allows the user to add components and capabilities to a computer system?
A System boards
B Storage devices
C Input devices
D Expansion slots

Answer: Expansion slots
12 What is the size of the optical compact disk which is used for recording high quality music?
A 4.7 inch
B 3.5 inch
C 5.5 inch
D 8.7 inch

Answer: 4.7 inch
13 The computer that process both analog and digital is called?
A Analog computer
B Digital computer
C Mainframe computer
D Hybrid computer

Answer: Hybrid computer
14 CD-ROM can store upto______ MB of data.
A 700 MB
B 4000 floppy disk
C 320 MB
D Both (a) and (b)

Answer: 700 MB
15 A computer program that will search its database to find items whose content contains all or at least one of the words given to it?
A Search Engine
B Internet Explorer
C Searching techniques
D Particular keywords

Answer: Search Engine
16 Softcopy is the intangible output, so then what is hardcopy?
A The physical parts of the computer
B The printed parts of the computer
C The physical output devices
D The printed output

Answer: The printed output
17 Which of the following is absence the computer system can still be functional?
A Operating system
B Hard Drive
D Sound Card

Answer: Sound Card
18 ..........networks may experience significant slowdowns if more than ten (10) users are on the network?
A Wide area
B Peer-to-peer
C Server-based
D Metropolitan area

Answer: Peer-to-peer
19 wireless devices have largely been replaced with faster technology?
A 802.11b
B 802.11g
C 802.11n
D 802.11a

Answer: 802.11b
20 The device that acts as an interface to connect with and communicate on a network is known as?
A Network adapter
B Hub
C Repeater
D Switch

Answer: Network adapter

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