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Computer Awareness MCQs | Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 Tally is __________
A Open S/W
B Closed S/W
C Application s/w
D System s/w

Answer: Application s/w
2 Terminal symbol in a flowchart indicates
A End
B Input and Output
C processing
D Decision

Answer: End
3 The algorithm cannot be represented as
A A flowchart
B A program
C A process
D A pseudo code

Answer: A process
4 A logic gate is an electronic circuit which
A Makes logic decisions
B Allows electron flow only in one direction
C Works on binary algebra
D Alternates between 0&1 values

Answer: Makes logic decisions
5 8421 codes is also called as
A Gray code
B ASCII code
C Excess 3-code
D BCD code

Answer: BCD code
6 Which of the following would cause quickest acess
A Direct access from a magnetic tape
B Direct access from a hard disk
C Direct access from a floppy disk
D Direct access from a cassette tape

Answer: Direct access from a hard disk
7 The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are
A Syntax errors
B Semantic errors
C Logical errors
D None of the above

Answer: Syntax errors
8 A step by step procedure used to solve a problem is called
A Operating system
B Algorithm
C Application Program
D None of the above

Answer: Algorithm
9 A large number of computers in a wide geographical area can be efficiently connected by
A Twisted pair lines
B Coaxial cables
C Communications satellites
D None of the above

Answer: Communications satellites
10 Which of the following identifies a specific web page and its computer on the Web?
A Web site
B Web site address
D Domain Name

Answer: Del Domain Name
11 In Microsoft word short cut key CTRL +W is used for:
A Open the Print Dialog box
B Update the current web page
C Open the new window
D Close the current window

Answer: Close the current window
12 Which of the following storage media provides sequential access only?
A Floppy disk
B Magnetic disk
C Optical disk
D Magnetic tape

Answer: Magnetic tape
13 The most common keyboard uses the ____________ layout.
A Dvorak
B numeric
D Alpha

Answer: QWERTY
14 Which is the slowest internet connection service?
A Digital Subscriber Line
B T1
C Cable modem
D Dial-up Service

Answer: Dial-up Service
15 A CD-RW disk ..............
A Has a faster access than an internal disk
B Is a form of optical disk, so it can only be written once
C Holds less data than a floppy disk
D Can be erased and rewritten

Answer: Can be erased and rewritten
16 Which of the following technique provides dedicated communication channel between two stations.
A Switch network
B Circuit switching
C Packet switching
D All of the above

Answer: Circuit switching
17 End-to-end conncectivity is provided from host-to-host in
A Network layer
B Session layer
C Data link layer
D Transport layer

Answer: Transport layer
18 The simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations is known as
A Broad cast
B Bandwidth
C Aloha
D Analog transmission

Answer: Broad cast
19 Modulation is the process of
A Sending a file from one computer to another computer
B Converting digital signals to analog signals
C Converting analog signals to digital signals
D Echoing every character that is received

Answer: Converting digital signals to analog signals
20 Which media have the ability to have data stored on them by users more than once?
B CD-RW disks
C Zip disks
D OptiDisks

Answer: CD-RW disks

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