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Computer Awareness MCQs | Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 …… a process that permits multiple computers to use the same IP address and hide their actual IPaddresses from the Internet.
A Routing
B Network address translation (NAT)
C Signature referencing
D Packet filtering

Answer: Network address translation (NAT)
2 What type of e-commerce is being used when a student buys a computer from

Answer: B2C
3 Hard disk performance can be improved by using a(n)
A Optimal storage device
B Disk cache
C Solid-state storage device
D Flash memory reader

Answer: Disk cache
4 What function displays row data in a column or column data in a row?
A Hyperlink
B Index
C Transpose
D Rows

Answer: Transpose
5 Which of the following is true about Dial-up internet access?
A It utilizes the existing telephone services
B It uses a router for security
C It utilizes the broadband technology
D Modem speeds are very fast

Answer: It utilizes the existing telephone services
6 If a memory chip is volatile, it will .......
A Explode if exposed to high temperatures
B Lose its contents if current is turned off
C Be used for data storage only
D Be used to both read and write data

Answer: Lose its contents if current is turned off
7 MICR is exclusively used in -------------
A Libraries
B Super markets
C Stock markets
D Banking Industry

Answer: Banking Industry
8 The backspace key is most often used to?
A Delete a character to the right of the cursor
B Delete a character to the left of the cursor
C Delete a character above the cursor
D Delete a character below the cursor

Answer: Delete a character to the left of the cursor
9 Adwords is an-------------
A Advertising Service by Microsoft
B Advertising Service by Google
C Advanced Search Engine
D Automatic words Search Engine by Yahoo

Answer: Advertising Service by Google
10 Each Web address is actually a series of numbers, which is usually called as------------
A Domain Name
D IP address

Answer: IP address
11 The shortcut key to Move Focus to the System Tray is __________
A Win+B
B Win+M
C Win+S
D Win+T

Answer: Win+B
12 The shortcut key to Minimize the window is __________
A Win+Down Arrow
B Win+M
C Win+B
D Win+Home

Answer: Win+Down Arrow
13 The shortcut key for opening a program as administrator is _________
A Ctrl+Alt+Click
B Shift+Click
C Ctrl+Shift+Click
D Alt+Shift+Click

Answer: Ctrl+Shift+Click
14 The shortcut key for creating a New Folder is _________
A Ctrl+ N
B Alt+Shift+N
C Ctrl+Alt+N
D Ctrl+Shift+N

Answer: Ctrl+Shift+N
15 The shortcut key to quickly show desktop is _________
A Win+D
B Win+U
C Win+Space
D Ctrl+Win

Answer: Win+Space
16 The shortcut key to get to Taskbar Items is _________
A Ctrl+Shift+T
B Ctrl+T
C Win+T
D Shift+T

Answer: Win+T
17 Why we use “Alt + F” keys on keyboard?
A File menu options
B Force Fully Close
C Find (Search)
D Create File

Answer: File menu options
18 Why we use the “Alt + Tab” Keys on keyboard?
A Switch to open old programs
B Switch to Close programs
C Switch to open New programs
D Switch between open programs

Answer: Switch between open programs
19 The Short Cut “Ctrl + A” is use for?
A Select all
B Select all text
C Select all File
D Select all Folder

Answer: Select all
20 We use the Keyboard Shortcut “Ctrl + S” for what?
A Play
B Stop
C Save Current File
D Start File

Answer: Save Current File

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