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Computer Awareness MCQs | Computer Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 Network components are connected to the same cable in the— topology,
A mesh
B ring
C bus
D mixed

Answer: bus
2 What platform can the VIA/Cyri III Processor Be used in jut c the following?
A Slot 1
B Socket A
C Slot A
D None of these

Answer: Slot 1
3 The access method used for magnetic tape is_____
A Direct
B Random
C All of the above
D Sequential

Answer: Sequential
4 The software that is used to create text–based documents are referred to –
A Suits
B Word processors
C Spreadsheets
D None of these

Answer: Word processors
5 The basic units of a excel spreedsheet where we enter data is called
A Tab
B Box
C Cell
D None of the above

Answer: Cell
6 What is the maximum size of a word document created
A 1 MB
B 32 MB
C 16MB
D None of these

Answer: 32 MB
7 How many users can access a share folder simultaneously from a Windows XP machine
A 20
B 10
C 15
D Unlimited

Answer: 10
8 Which one is the latest release of Windows Client Operating System
A Windows XP
B Windows 7
C Windows Me
D Windows 8.1 or 8

Answer: Windows 8.1 or 8
9 Which of the following topologies is not of broadcast type?
A Star
B None of these
C Ring
D All of the above

Answer: None of these
10 A translator is best described as
A A hardware component
B A system software
C An Application software
D None of the Above

Answer: An Application software
11 The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are
A All of the above
B Semantic errors
C Logical errors
D Syntax errors

Answer: Syntax errors
12 The communication line between the CPU, memory and peripherals is called a
A all of these
B line
C media
D Bus

Answer: Bus
13 Which of the following holds the ROM, CPU, RAM and expansion cards
A Mother board
B Cache memory
C Hard disk
D All of the above

Answer: Mother board
14 A Winchester disk is a
A None of these
B Removable disk
C Flexible disk
D Disk stack

Answer: Disk stack
15 Which of the following is not hardware:
A Magnetic tape
B Printer
C Assembler
D VDU terminal

Answer: Assembler
16 The process of retaining data for future use is called
A reading
B storing
C writing
D None of these

Answer: storing
17 Which of the following is a computer code
C All of the above

Answer: EBCDIC
18 Half adder is logic CKT that adds. .........Digit at a time
A three
B one
C Two
D None of these

Answer: Two
19 Which of the following is NOT an input device?
A Keyboard
B Mouse
C Plotter
D Scanner

Answer: Plotter
20 A MODEM is connected in between a telephone line and a
A Internet
B Computer
C Interface card
D Microphone

Answer: Computer

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