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Data Representation | Computer System Organization Objective Questions with Answers

6 The sum of two hexadecimal numbers 23D and 9AA gives the hexadecimal number

Answer: Option [C]

23D -> 0010 0011 1101 and 9AA -> 1001 1010 1010

So the sum of two hexadecimal numbers is 1011 1110 0111 i.e. BE7

7 When the value 37H is divide by 17H, the remainder is
A C0 H
B 03 H
C 07 H
D 09 H

Answer: Option [D]

37 H means 00110111

17 H means 00010111

On division of 37 H by 17 H the remainder is 09 H

8 The numbers in the range -23 to +31 is represented by the minimum number of bits :
A 6
B 8
C 7
D 5

Answer: Option [A]

31 can be represented by 5 bits and the 1 bit needed for sign bit.

9 The largest integer that can be represented in signed-2's complement representation using n bits is
A 2n-1
B 2n
C 2n-1-1
D 2n-1

Answer: Option [D]

2n-1 is the largest integer in 2's complement representation using n bits.

10 The least negative value that the product of two 8-bit two's complement numbers can take is
A -214
B -215
C -210
D -212

Answer: Option [B]

-215 is the least negative value for the two 8-bit 2's complement numbers.


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