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Data Structures and Algorithms MCQs | Objective Questions Answers

11 A binary search tree whose left subtree and right subtree differ in hight by at most 1 unit is called .....
A Lemma tree
B Redblack tree
C AVL tree
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
12 ....... is a pile in which items are added at one end and removed from the other.
A List
B Queue
C Stack
D Array

Answer: Option [B]
13 Which of the following is non-linear data structure?
A Trees
B Stacks
C Strings
D All of the above

Answer: Option [A]
14 The number of comparisons done by sequential search is .......
A (N/2)+1
B (N+1)/2
C (N-1)/2
D (N-2)/2

Answer: Option [B]
15 ...... is not the operation that can be performed on queue.
A Traversal
B Insertion
C Deletion
D Retrieval

Answer: Option [A]
16 Which is/are the application(s) of stack
A Function calls
B Large number Arithmetic
C Evaluation of arithmetic expressions
D All of the above

Answer: Option [D]
17 Which of the following data structures are indexed structures?
A Stack
B Linked lists
C Linear arrays
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
18 Which of the following data structure store the homogeneous data elements?
A Lists
B Pointers
C Records
D Arrays

Answer: Option [C]
19 Linear arrays are also called.......
A One-dimensional array
B Vertical array
C Horizontal array
D All of the above

Answer: Option [A]
20 A ......... does not keep track of address of every element in the list.
A Stack
B Queue
C String
D Linear array

Answer: Option [D]

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