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Data Structures and Algorithms MCQs | Objective Questions Answers

61 Binary search algorithm cannot be applied to...
A pointer array
B sorted linear array
C sorted binary trees
D sorted linked list

Answer: Option [A]
62 ............ is the method used by card sorter?
A Quick
B Heap
C Insertion
D Radix sort

Answer: Option [D]
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63 Which of the following conditions checks available free space in avail list?
A Avail=Top
B Null=Avail
C Avail=Null
D Avail=Max stack

Answer: Option [C]
64 Which of the following is not the type of queue?
A Priority queue
B Circular queue
C Ordinary queue
D Single ended queue

Answer: Option [D]
65 ........ is a directed tree in which outdegree of each node is less than or equal to two.
A Binary tree
B Dinary tree
C Unary tree
D None of the above

Answer: Option [A]
66 The number of comparisons done by sequential search is .......
A (N/2)-1
B (N+1)/2
C (N-1)/2
D (N+2)/2

Answer: Option [B]
67 In ......, search start at the beginning of the list and check every element in the list.
A Hash Search
B Binary search
C Linear search
D Binary Tree search

Answer: Option [C]
68 The operation that combines the element is of A and B in a single sorted list C with n=r+s element is called.......
A Sharing
B Merging
C Inserting
D None of the above

Answer: Option [B]
69 Which of the following is an internal sorting?
A 2-way Merge Sort
B Tape Sort
C Merge Sort
D Tree Sort

Answer: Option [D]
70 Which of the following is an external sorting?
A Merge Sort
B Tree Sort
C Bubble Sort
D Insertion Sort

Answer: Option [A]


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