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Exception Handling - Java Exam Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 Which of the following does not deal with exceptions?
A throws
B throw
C finalize
D finally

Answer: Option [C]

finalize is a method and all other three are keywords. finalize() method is defined in java.lang.Object class. finalize() method is called to perform specific actions before Garbage collector reclaim the object.

2 URL throws an exception called
A IllegalURLException
B URLException
C MalformedHostException
D MalformedURLException

Answer: Option [D]

MalformedURLException thrown to indicate when a illegal URL has occured.



3 Event handling is done by objects which
A Contain code for running an applet
B Contain code for creating a window
C Contain code for responding to an event generated by a logical input device
D Contain code for responding to program generated exceptions

Answer: Option [C]
4 Which class is base class for all exceptions?
A String
B Error
C Throwable
D RuntimeException

Answer: Option [C]

Throwbale class is in java.lang and it is the base class for all Exceptions

5 Java’s exception handling mechanism is meant to handle
A only compile time errors
B only syntax errors
C only runtime errors
D both runtime and compile time errors

Answer: Option [C]

Java’s exception handling mechanism handle errors such as divide integer by zero, ClassNotFound etc.

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