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Core Java Objective Questions with Answers for Examinations

1 In Java Inheritance
A all fields of a class are private
B all fields of a class are protected
C a new class is derived from an existing class
D none of these above

Answer: Option [C]
2 Primary purpose of inheritance is
A code reuse
B overloading
C overriding
D ignoring irrelevant features from a software

Answer: Option [A]


3 Which of the following modifiers can be used to disallow a method from being overridden?
A final
B transient
C volatile
D none of these above

Answer: Option [A]
4 In Java programming an object can take many forms. This feature called
A Abstraction
B Polymorphism
C Encapsulation
D Inheritance

Answer: Option [B]
5 A method cannot be overridden if it is qualified by which one of the following modifier?
A friendly
B final
C static
D none of these above

Answer: Option [B]

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