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AI Supercomputer ‘Airawat’ Puts India Among Top Supercomputing League

AI Supercomputer ‘Airawat’ Puts India Among Top Supercomputing League

AI Supercomputer ‘Airawat’ Puts India Among Top Supercomputing League

The AI Supercomputer 'AIRAWAT', located at C-DAC, Pune, got a remarkable global rating of 75th on the coveted Top 500 Global Supercomputing List at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC 2023) in Germany. This accomplishment establishes India as a leading nation in the field of AI supercomputing. ‘AIRAWAT’ is part of the Government of India’s National Program on AI and represents a significant stride forward in the country’s AI capabilities.



The AIRAWAT PoC of 200 AI Petaflops integrated with PARAM Siddhi – AI of 210 AI Petaflops gives a total peak compute of 410 AI Petaflops Mixed Precision and sustained compute capacity of 8.5 Petaflops (Rmax) Double Precision. The peak compute capacity (Double Precision, Rpeak) is 13 Petaflops.”

Overview of the news:

Artificial Intelligence is the most promising technology in the digital age. India has a strong ecosystem and competitive advantage for AI due to its massive data availability, strong digital economy and skilled workforce. India has been working on Applied AI with a focus on Natural Language Processing, Image Procession, Pattern Recognition, Agriculture, Medical Imaging, Education, Health Care, Audio Assist, Robotics, and generating solutions for strategic industries. Proof of Concept (PoC) AI Research Analytics and Knowledge Dissemination Platform (AIRAWAT) of 200 AI Petaflops Mixed Precision peak compute capacity is currently funded by MeitY and implemented by C-DAC, Pune.

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