MCQ Questions with Answers on Data Communication and Computer Networks

1 In circuit-switching, the path
A upto destination is allocated before the transmission of message begins
B upto next intermediate node is allocated before the transmission of message begins
C to be followed depends on the length of the message
D none of the above

Answer: Option [A]

In Circuit-switching the two source and destination nodes establish a dedicated communication channel before the actual begins.

2 In which of the following networks, reassembly buffers are required ?
A Packet-switched networks
B Circuit-switched networks
C Message-switched networks
D None of these

Answer: Option [B]
3 Which of the networks allow different speed links ?
A Message-switched networks
B Packet-switched networks
C Circuit-switched networks
D None of these above

Answer: Option [B]

Packet switched networks allow different speed links. This network arranges all transmitted data suitable sized block called packets.

4 Switching systems
A are limited to small data networks
B require additional lines
C are not used presently
D none of these

Answer: Option [B]
5 Which of the following networks supports pipelining effect ?
A Circuit-switched networks
B Message-switched networks
C Packet-switched networks
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]


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