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Database Security and Integrity Objective Questions Answers | Database Management System MCQs

1 What is used for database security ?
A data encryption
B a view
C finger print
D all of the above

Answer: Option [D]
2 Data security threats include :
A privacy invasion
B hardware protection
C fraudulent manipulation od data
D all of the above

Answer: Option [D]


3 _______ is responsible for using that the database remains in a consistent state despite system failure.
A Storage manager
B Transaction manager
C End user
D Sophisticated

Answer: Option [B]
4 Prevention of access to the database by unauthorized users is referred to as :
A Integrity
B Productivity
C Security
D Reliability

Answer: Option [C]
5 Data integrity means :
A providing first access to stored data
B ensuring correctness and consistency of data
C providing data sharing
D none of the above

Answer: Option [B]
6 Authentication refers to :
A methods of restricting user access to system
B controlling access to portions of database
C controlling the operation on the data
D all of the above

Answer: Option [D]


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