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Entity Relationship Model MCQs | Database Management System Objective Questions and Answers

1 Every weak entity set can be converted into a strong entity set by :
A using generalization
B adding appropriate attributes
C using aggregation
D none of the above

Answer: Option [B]
2 A weak entity set in an E-R diagram is an entity set that :
A has a primary key
B must be part of a one to many relationship set
C is not existence dependent on a dominant entity
D must not participate as owner in an identifying relationship with another entity set

Answer: Option [B]


3 E-R model uses which symbol to represent weak entity set :
A Dotted rectangle
B Diamond
C Doubly outlined rectangle
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
4 In an E-R, Y is the dominant entity and X is a subordinate entity. Then which of the following is incorrect ?
A operationally, If Y is deleted, so is X
B X existence is dependent on Y
C operationally, if X is deleted, so is Y
D operationally, if X is deleted, Y remains the same

Answer: Option [B]
5 The ER model includes additional concepts like :
A Specialization
B Generalization
C Categorization
D All of the above

Answer: Option [D]

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