Economics Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Economy Quiz Set 16

1 Which among the following items are included in the NAMA ?
1 Fish and marine products
2 Manufactured products
3 Fuel products
4 All the above

Answer:All the above
2 Which among the following is the largest trading partner of India in 2015-16 ?
3 Euro zone
4 China

3 Kisan Kalyan Cess is imposed on
1 Taxable services
2 Cold storages
3 Mandi Samitis
4 Corporations

Answer:Taxable services
4 Which one of the following is not correct about SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India ?
1 It has the power to protect the interest of the investors in securities.
2 It has the power to convert private securities to public securities.
3 It has the power to promote development of capital market.
4 It has the power to regulate the working of stock exchange.

Answer:It has the power to convert private securities to public securities.
5 Which among the following countries (as on May 2016) are currently using the Quantitative easing as a measure to improve the inflationary expectations in the economy ?
1 Current rate of interest
2 Britain
4 Australia

6 The base year of the newly introduced Consumer Price Index (CPI) in India has been shifted to the year :
1 2009
2 2012
3 2011
4 2010

7 Which of the following is not a legal tender in India ?
1 One rupee coin
2 Fifty paise coin
3 500 note
4 Government securities

Answer:Government securities
8 In order for someone to be a free rider, an activity must be undertaken that :
1 arranges for ride-sharing at rush hour.
2 creates benefits for people who cannot be forced to pay for them
3 beautifies a neighbourhood.
4 identifies the beneficiaries and forces them to pay.

Answer:creates benefits for people who cannot be forced to pay for them
9 Which factor has no role in the shifting of a tax ?
1 Change in prices
2 Nature of demand
3 Income of the consumer
4 Elasticity of demand and supply

Answer:Income of the consumer
10 An imposition of capital gains tax will
1 reduce both savings and investment
2 increase savings
3 reduce savings
4 increase consumption

Answer:reduce savings
11 Who among the following is not a regulator of financial sector in India ?
1 Securities and Exchange Board of India
2 Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
3 Competition Commission of India
4 Forward Market Commission of India

Answer:Competition Commission of India
12 The Arithmetic mean and median in a moderately skewed distribution are 28.1 and 27.6. The value of mode in this distribution would be
1 26.8
2 26.6
3 29.0
4 27.5

13 Which of the following is not unit free ?
1 Coefficient of correlation
2 Coefficient of variation
3 Laspeyer’s Index Number
4 Standard deviation

Answer:Standard deviation
14 Which of the following is a probability based sampling method ?
1 Quota sampling
2 Purposive sampling
3 Systematic sampling
4 Convenience sampling

Answer:Systematic sampling
15 By which year, the Central Government has planned to double the income of the farmers ?
1 2019
2 2020
3 2022
4 2024


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