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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 20

1 Which of the following is not the source of Educational Finance ?
1 Public Funds
2 Local Bodies Fund
3 Education cess
4 Relief Fund

Answer: Relief Fund
2 Which of the following is not the technique of supervisor ?
1 School visits
2 Surprise visits
3 Annual visits
4 Excursion visits

Answer:Excursion visits
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3 The Father of Scientific Management Approach is
1 F.W. Taylor
2 Henry Fayol
3 St. Etienne
4 W. Willson

Answer:F.W. Taylor
4 Who defined planning as “Deciding in advance what to do, how to do it, whom to do it and when to do it” ?
1 Max Weber
2 Elton Mayo
3 Koontz
4 F. Taylor

Answer: Koontz
5 For effective results, the educational supervisor should follow which of the following approaches
1 Team Approach
2 Modern Approach
3 Traditional Approach
4 Administrative Approach

Answer: Team Approach
6 Teachers often put questions to students during and/or immediately after teaching a lesson so as to assess their learning and thereby to proceed to the next lesson. This an example of
1 Summative evaluation
2 Formative evaluation
3 Concurrent evaluation
4 Diagnostic evaluation

Answer: Formative evaluation
7 Teacher Eligibility Test conducted for selection of candidates for admission into teache education institution is an example of
1 Placement test
2 Aptitude test
3 Attitude test
4 Achievement test

Answer: Aptitude test
8 The examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBCE) can be categorized as
1 Norm Referenced Test
2 Criterion Referenced Test
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 Neither (A) nor (B)

Answer: Norm Referenced Test
9 Which of the following types of tools is most appropriate to assess one’s interest in a particular phenomenon ?
1 Questionnaire
2 Scale
3 Test
4 Inventory

Answer: Inventory
10 Which of the following is not related to item analysis ?
1 Item difficulty index
2 Item discrimination index
3 Reliability coefficient
4 Sensitivity of item toinstructional effects

Answer: Reliability coefficient
11 Which of the following is not related to analysis of qualitative data ?
1 Axial coding
2 Meta Analysis
3 Rich thick description
4 Writing memos

Answer:Meta Analysis
12 Normsare developed for the psychological tests at the time of their
1 Translation
2 Construction
3 Standardization
4 Administration

13 “Education Technology is the application of modern skills and techniques to the requirements of Education and Training.” This was stated by
1 Unwin
2 T. Sakamato
3 Leith
4 Saetter

Answer: Unwin
14 The important concept for developing the understanding and skills of teaching and training is
1 Planning .
2 Demonstration
3 Evaluation
4 Task Analysis

Answer:Task Analysis
15 Which is not true of interactive video ?
1 Presentation of video pictures
2 Presentation of CAI materials
3 Use of principles of programmed instruction
4 Learning becomes meaningful rather than instructional

Answer:Learning becomes meaningful rather than instructional

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