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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 31

1 A researcher is studying the effect of reinforcement on students’ achievement with appropriate controls imposed in practical situation. What is the type of research in this situation ?
1 Fundamental research
2 Applied research
3 Action research
4 Both applied and action research

Answer: Applied research
2 The dimensional sampling procedure is the same as :
1 A further reinforcement of quota sampling
2 Stage sampling
3 Cluster sampling
4 Purposive sampling

Answer:A further reinforcement of quota sampling


3 Interview is considered as the best tool in analysing the problem of a client because :
1 It is very easy to conduct
2 It will give first-hand information
3 It will help for counselling
4 It can be recorded easily

Answer: It will give first-hand information
4 Triangulation is a method which involves the use of :
1 Two research tools of identical types
2 Two research tools yielding different outcomes
3 Three research tools measuring different aspects
4 Two or more than two research tools

Answer: Two or more than two research tools
5 Identify the correct order from the following steps involved in phenomenological approach of research.
1 Illumination, explication, incubation, creative synthesis, immersion
2 Explication, immersion, creative synthesis, incubation, illumination
3 Incubation, illumination, immersion, creative synthesis, explication
4 Immersion, incubation, illumination, explication, creative synthesis

Answer: Immersion, incubation, illumination, explication, creative synthesis
6 An investigator intends to establish the relationship between educational status of mothers and academic achievement of students for coastal areas. Which of the following methods will be helpful in terms of research design ?
1 Historical method
2 Experimental method
3 Survey method
4 Ex Post Facto method

Answer: Survey method
7 If in educational research, the average results of many similar studies are considered for explaining and summarizing, the procedure is known as :
1 Ethnomethodology
2 Meta analysis
3 Evaluation study
4 Analytical research

Answer: Meta analysis
8 For estimating coefficient of correlation, in which of the following techniques, characteristics of both the variables are assumed to be essentially on a nominal scale with genuine dichotomy ?
1 Bi - serial coefficient
2 Point - Bi - serial coefficient
3 Tetrachoric coefficient
4 Phi – coefficient

Answer: Phi – coefficient
9 An educational researcher wants to study the relationship between academic performance and motivation by keeping the effect of a third variable such as socio - economic status neutral. Which of the following technique of correlation will be appropriate in such a situation ?
1 Contingency coefficient
2 Eta coefficient
3 Multiple correlation
4 Partial correlation

Answer: Partial correlation
10 In a normal distribution what is the position of the three measures of central tendency ?
1 Mean is higher than median
2 Median is lower than mode
3 Both mean and median are higher than mode
4 All the three measures coincide

Answer: All the three measures coincide
11 Which of the following statements is not correct ?
1 Correlation indicates causation or cause and effect relationship.
2 In a negatively skewed curve the value of mean will be pulled towards the lower end of the scale.
3 Chi-square test is a distribution free test.
4 For computing Pearson’s g the relationship between two variables have to be rectilinear.

Answer:Correlation indicates causation or cause and effect relationship.
12 The thinker who treated ‘education’ as primary and ‘philosophy’ as derivative is :
1 Jean Jacques Rousseau
2 John Dewey
3 Bertrand Russell
4 Karl Mark

Answer: John Dewey
13 Idealism states :
1 Mind alone is real
2 Both matter and mind are real
3 Matter alone is real
4 Neither mind nor matter is real

Answer: Mind alone is real
14 Realism views knowledge as generated by :
1 the mind alone .
2 matter alone
3 the interaction of matter and mind
4 reality

Answer:the interaction of matter and mind
15 Which one of the following thinkers has been described as “idealist in aim, naturalist in content and pragmatist in method” ?
1 Swami Vivekananda
2 Rabindranath Tagore
3 Mahatma Gandhi
4 Sri Aurobindo

Answer:Mahatma Gandhi

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