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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 42

1 Which of the following constitutional values gets endorsed through reservation policy in education ?
1 Liberty
2 Equality
3 Fraternity
4 Humanity

Answer: Equality
2 The main purpose of education should be the integrated development of the person. Who has offered a model in this regard ?
1 Aurobindo
2 Tagore
3 Gandhi
4 Vivekananda

GkSeries apsc prelims 2023 test series
3 Role conflict and issues of collaboration are most relevant to which of the following disciplines ?
1 Cultural Anthropology
2 Educational Sociology
3 Politics and Education
4 Value based Education

Answer: Educational Sociology
4 According to educational sociologists the role of education should focus on
1 Social integration among the groups
2 Enculturation of participants in education
3 Social mobility of the downtrodden
4 Modification of values of teachers

Answer: Enculturation of participants in education
5 Vertical mobility will be said to occur when :
1 People move from rural area to urban area.
2 People move from one social position to the other social position.
3 People move from one position to the other superior position.
4 People move from one place to the other place.

Answer: People move from one position to the other superior position.
6 Which statement refers to the two way relationship between education and society ?
1 The school is a miniature social system.
2 The society plans to have schools.
3 The school is a creature of society.
4 The school is created by society to recreate itself.

Answer: The school is created by society to recreate itself.
7 A school principal organizes a spectrum of co-curricular activities so that the maximum participation of students and teachers is ensured. Which of the following values will get optimally encouraged through such interventions ?
1 Religious values
2 Moral values
3 Democratic values
4 Scientific values

Answer: Democratic values
8 Changes in society which manifest ideas, values and literature may be called
1 Non-material changes
2 Ornamental changes
3 Cosmopolitan changes
4 Material changes

Answer: Non-material changes
9 In the context of social development which of the following stages is characterized by ‘Intense self Awareness’ ?
1 Infancy
2 Childhood
3 Adolescence
4 Adulthood

Answer: Adolescence
10 Which of the following is the characteristic feature of the emotional development during adolescence ?
1 Jealously towards brothers / sisters in the family and peers in the school.
2 Conflicts in motivations.
3 Showing curiosity towards environmental objects.
4 Tendency to evince worries in respect of school or personal related matters.

Answer: Conflicts in motivations.
11 Which of the following subordinate laws of learning developed by Thorndike is related to classical conditioning of Pavlov ?
1 Multiple response
2 Prepotency of elements
3 Associative shifting
4 Response by analogy

Answer: Associative shifting
12 In which of the following operant conditioning procedures the training arrangement insists the presence of a cue and making of a response to get negatively reinforced ?
1 Escape training
2 Punishment training
3 Omission training
4 Active avoidance training

Answer: Active avoidance training
13 In which of the following teaching-learning presentations, shaping of a response is called for ?
1 Lecturing with examples
2 Discussions with buzz sessions
3 Programmed learning with individualisation
4 PowerPoint presentation with a scope for interaction

Answer: Programmed learning with individualisation
14 In Skinner’s view secondary reinforces are derived when associated with
1 Neutral stimulus .
2 Positive stimulus
3 Negative stimulus
4 Either positive or negative stimulus

Answer: Either positive or negative stimulus
15 Brainstorming procedures are helpful specially for which category of children ?
1 Gifted children
2 Backward children
3 Creative children
4 Mentally retarded children

Answer: Creative children

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