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Education Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Education Quiz Set 7

1 A common feature of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism is belief about
1 the unreality of the world
2 the existence of God
3 the soul
4 karma and rebirth

Answer: karma and rebirth
2 In Indian Philosophy ‘pramana’ means
1 oath
2 measurement
3 assurance
4 source of knowledge

Answer: source of knowledge
3 Which of the following is the source material about the Jain way of life ?
1 Dhammapada
2 Karma Kanda
3 Tripitaka
4 Tri-ratna

Answer: Tri-ratna
4 The Schools of Vedanta are
1 Dharma, Artha and Moksa
2 Advaita, Dwaita and Visishtadvaita
3 Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism
4 the orthodox and the heterodox

Answer:the orthodox and the heterodox
5 A researcher is interested in studying the flood victims. Which one of the following is a suitable sample selection method ?
1 Random Sampling
2 Stratified Sampling
3 Systematic Sampling
4 Purposive Sampling

Answer: Purposive Sampling
6 Which one of the following tests can be used to examine the differences in Mathematics achievement of boys and girls ?
1 Correlational Test
2 ‘t’ Test
3 Chi-square Test
4 Anova

Answer:‘t’ Test
7 There is a significant positive correlation between variables X and Y. This means that :
1 X causes variation in Y.
2 Y causes variation in X.
3 X and Y vary together in opposite directions.
4 X and Y vary together in the same direction.

Answer:X and Y vary together in the same direction.
8 ‘Alienation’ as awidespread social problem was first highlighted by
1 Idealism
2 Pragmatism
3 Marxism
4 Realism

Answer: Marxism
9 ‘Coherence’ is the criterion of truth is
1 Existentialism
2 Idealism
3 Marxism
4 Naturalism

Answer: Idealism
10 ‘Metaphysics’ means
1 a branch of Physics
2 exploring the nature of ultimate
3 reality Physics of metals
4 Physics of weather

Answer: exploring the nature of ultimate
11 The two basic divisions in Schools of Indian Philosophy are
1 Vedanta and Buddhism
2 Advaita and Dwaita
3 Theistic and Atheistic
4 Orthodox and Heterodox

Answer:Orthodox and Heterodox
12 The ultimate goal of education in Jainism is
1 Non-violence
2 Renunciation
3 Liberation
4 Philanthropy

13 The ceremony of initiation of education in Buddhism is called
1 Vidyarambam
2 Upanayanam
3 Pabajja
4 Uparampada

Answer: Pabajja
14 Researcher intends to ascertain the attitude of adolescents towards modernization, which one of the following tools is an appropriate one ?
1 Projective Technique
2 Interview
3 Likert Scale
4 Sociometry

Answer:Likert Scale
15 Which of the following is incorrect as a measure of dispersion ?
1 Quartile Deviation
2 Range
3 Standard Deviation
4 Sampling Error

Answer:Sampling Error

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