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English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 30

1 In New Criticism, the key term ‘tension’ is associated with :
1 Cleanth Brooks
2 John Crow RansomII
3 Austin Warren
4 Allen Tate

Answer: Allen Tate
2 While compiling what sort of book did Samuel Richardson conceive of the idea for his Pamela or Virtue Rewarded ?
1 an account of the plague in London
2 an instruction manual for manners
3 a book of devotion
4 a book of model letters

Answer:a book of model letters
3 Who among the war Poets gained notoriety in 1917, when disenchanted with the way the war was being conducted he drafted his letter of “wilful defiance of the military authority” which captured attention in the House of Commons, and was forcibly admitted to the war hospital at Craiglockhart, primarily to avoid his being court-martialled ?
1 Rupert Brooke
2 Siegfried Sassoon
3 Wilfred Owen
4 Isaac Rosenberg

Answer:Siegfried Sassoon
4 If you cannot understand an argument and remark, “It’s Greek to me”, you are quoting __________.
1 John Milton
2 Samuel Johnson
3 William Shakespeare
4 John Donne

Answer: William Shakespeare
5 Which of the following works did Walter Scott compile ?
1 The Lay of the Last Minstrel
2 Marmion
3 Ivanhoe
4 a small amount of material should be introduced

Answer:a small amount of material should be introduced
6 Which of the following is NOT written by Wole Soyinka ?
1 Home and Exile.
2 Kongi’s Harvest
3 The interpreters.
4 The Swamp Dwellers.

Answer:Home and Exile.
7 In the Defense of Poesy Sidney says : “ Now as in geometry the oblique must be known as well as right and in arithmetic, the odd as well as the even, so in the actions of our life who seeth not the filthiness of evil wanteth a great foil to perceive the beauty of virtue”. Which of the following forms of poesy offers a foil that helps us perceive the beauty of virtue ?
1 Pastorals.
2 Parody.
3 Comedy.
4 Tragedy.

8 John Dryden described a major English poet as “a rough diamond, and must first be polished ere he shines .....” Identify him :
1 Geoffrey Chaucer
2 John Gower
3 George Herbert
4 Robert Herrick

Answer: Geoffrey Chaucer
9 In a remarkably proleptic insight, a critic wrote the following, anticipating Benedict Anderson’s definition of the nation as “an imagined political community” : “Most novels are in some sense knowable communities. It is part of a traditional method – an underlying stance and approach – that a novelist offers to show people and their relationships in essentially knowable and communicable ways”. Name the critic and the reference :
1 Van Wyck Brooks, The writer in America
2 Raymond Williams, The country and the city
3 Joseph Wood Krutch, The Modern Temper
4 T.S. Eliot, Notes Towards a Definition of culture

Answer:Raymond Williams, The country and the city
10 “Fair is my love, and cruel as she’s fair; Her brow-shades frown, although her eyes are sunny”. The above lines are characterized by :
1 circumlocution
2 antithesis
3 anticlimax
4 bathos

Answer: antithesis
11 In his “Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot” Pope tells us that as a poet he had benefited from “This saving counsel, ‘keep your piece nine years’” – which enjoins on writer’s patience and great care before they rush to print. Whose “counsel” is Pope referring to ?
1 Longinus’s in On the Sublime
2 Horace’s in Ars Poetica
3 Quintilian’s Institutio Oratoria
4 Aristotle’s Poetics

Answer:Horace’s in Ars Poetica
12 An English architect and stage-designer – Beginning 1605, joined Jacobean court to design masques – contributed significantly to the spectacular theatre which succeeded the commonwealth after his death – the first designer to use revolving screens to indicate scenechanges on the English stage. Identify this artist/designer.
1 Henry Irving
2 Inigo Jones
3 Henry Arthur Jones
4 William Inge

Answer: Inigo Jones
13 __________ may be defined as any departure from the rules of pronunciation or diction, for the sake of rhyme or metre, or an unjustifiable departure from fact.
1 Poetic license
2 Poetic justice
3 Poetic deviance
4 Poetic diction

Answer:Poetic license
14 That Humanities and the sciences were in fact “two cultures” was suggested by __________.
1 Aldous Huxley in his oxford lectures on poetry
2 W.H. Anden in his oxford lectures on poetry
3 F.R. Leavis in his book, The Great Tradition
4 C.P. Snow in his Rede lecture

Answer:C.P. Snow in his Rede lecture
15 Chaueer satirizes the Monk because the Monk :
1 is too concerned with courtesy and matters of etiquette
2 cheats the poor peasants by selling them false religious relics
3 courts favour of wealthy people but spends no time with poor people
4 spends too much time hunting and too little time on religious duty

Answer:spends too much time hunting and too little time on religious duty

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