English Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | English Quiz Set 44

1 Identify the first novel written by Patrick White :
1 The Living and the Dead
2 The Tree of Man
3 Happy Valley
4 The Aunt’s Story

Answer: Happy Valley
2 In King Lear for what reason does Kent assume a disguise ?
1 To continue to serve Lear, though Lear has banished him.
2 To spy on Edmund.
3 To antagonize Goneril and Regan.
4 To revenge upon Lear for banishing him.

Answer:To continue to serve Lear, though Lear has banished him.
3 What is a feminine rhyme ?
1 A rhyme on two syllables in which the last syllable is unstressed.
2 A rhyme on two syllables.
3 A rhyme on three syllables.
4 A poem in which every third syllable rhymes.

Answer:A rhyme on two syllables in which the last syllable is unstressed.
4 In “Tradition and Individual Talent”, according to T.S. Eliot, the term “Traditional” usually means
1 something positive
2 something negative
3 something historical
4 something old

Answer: something negative
5 Who of the following is a Cavalier poet ?
1 George Herbert
2 John Donne
3 Robert Herrick
4 Andrew Marvell

Answer:Robert Herrick
6 Which of the following is not Jacques Derrida’s work ?
1 Of Spirit : Heidegger and the Question
2 The Transcendence of the Ego
3 Of Grammatology
4 The Work of Mourning

Answer:The Transcendence of the Ego
7 In Paradise Lost which character narrates the story of the making of Eve from a rib in Adam’s side ?
1 Adam.
2 Eve.
3 Raphael.
4 God.

8 The Dark Lady of the Sonnets is a short comedy by
1 Bernard Shaw
2 W.B. Yeats
3 J.M. Synge
4 John Osborne

Answer: Bernard Shaw
9 John Milton’s description of gold as a “precious bane” (Paradise Lost, Book II) is best described as
1 a dactyl
2 an oxymoron
3 enjambment
4 zeugma

Answer:an oxymoron
10 There is a play on the name of Machiavelli in the prologue to Christopher Marlowe’s
1 Doctor Faustus
2 The Jew of Malta
3 Tamburlaine, the Great
4 Edward II

Answer: The Jew of Malta
11 Shakespeare famously neglects to observe Aristotle’s rules concerning the three dramatic unities, and Samuel Johnson undertakes to defend Shakespeare from these criticisms in his Preface to Shakespeare. Which of the Aristotelian dramatic unities does Johnson believe Shakespeare to observe most successfully ?
1 Time
2 Place
3 Action
4 Johnson does not feel that the Aristotelian dramatic unities are important

Answer: Action
12 Who among the following was praised and patronized as a “Ploughman Poet” ?
1 John Clare
2 George Crabbe
3 Robert Burns
4 Walter Scott

Answer: Robert Burns
13 Which novel of Doris Lessing ends with a projection forward in time after a devastating atomic war ?
1 The Grass is Singing
2 The Golden Notebook
3 The Four-Gated City
4 A Proper Marriage

Answer:The Four-Gated City
14 In John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress who keeps Christian’s head above water in the River of Death ?
1 Hopeful
2 Helpful
3 Faithful
4 Cheerful

15 Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage is a
1 religious allegory
2 fairy tale
3 long poem
4 Utopian novel

Answer:long poem

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