Under the Directive Principles of State Policy, up to what age of the children, they are expected to be provided free and compulsory education?

A 14 years
B 15 years
C 16 years
D 18 years
Answer & Explanation
Option: [A]

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A Carbon dioxide gas
B Nitrogen dioxide gas
C Nitric oxide gas
D Sulphur dioxide gas

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A Long run unit cost of production decreases as the quantity the firm produces increases
B Barriers to entry are not very large
C Capital requirement are small due to the efficiency of the large scale operation
D The costs of entry into the market are likely to be substantial

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A Boost economic development
B Control inflationary pressure
C Ensure social justice
D Direct credit in desirable direction

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A 0-7
B 8-14
C 0-14
D None of the above

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