Which of the following Articles describes India as a Union of State ?

A Article 4
B Article 1
C Article 3
D Article 2
Answer & Explanation
Option: [B]

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A Buildings were of varying sizes
B It was a well planned city
C There was no drainage system
D Bathrooms were important features of most houses

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A Silver fish
B Star fish
C Sponge
D Jelly fish

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A Bristles
B Hooks
C Wings
D Long hairs

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A Gold ornaments were unknown to the inhabitants.
B The floor of the Great Bath was made of burnt brick.
C Axes, chisels, knives and fish-hook were all made of iron.
D The houses were made of cut and polished stone.

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A British constitution
B US constitution
C Irish constitution
D The government of India act, 1935

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