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Which instrument is used to measure atomospheric humidity ?

A Tintometer
B Tacheometer
C Hygrometer
D Thermometer
Answer & Explanation
Option: [C]

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A Preparing the income and expenditure ledgers of a company (book-keeping)
B Manipulating the profit and loss statements of a company
C A process of inviting subscriptions to a public offer of securities, essentially through a tendering process
D Publishers’ activity

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A Kavaratti and New Moor
B Bitra and Kavaratti
C Pamban and Barren
D Narcondam and Barren

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A Bring a third world power
B Choosing its own policy
C Neutrality towards power blocks
D Bringing peace and unity to the world

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A First Five Year Plan (1951-56)
B Second Five Year Plan (1956-61)
C Third Five Year Plan (1961-66)
D Fourth Five Year Plan (1966-71)

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A The Parliament
B The Speaker of Lok Sabha
C The Comptroller and Auditor General
D The President

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