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Which of the following principles is associated with Optical fibre ?

A Scattering
B Interference
C Total internal reflection
D Refraction
Answer & Explanation
Option: [C]

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A Horizontal to ox-axis
B Negatively sloped
C Positively sloped
D U-shaped

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A All central Cabinet Ministers
B Chief Ministers of all the State
C Cabinet Ministers of all the States and the Centre
D Members of the Estimates Committee of the Parliament

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A A new tax to be imposed on the producers of capital goods
B A simple, transparent, easy to pay tax imposed on consumers
C A single tax that replaces State taxes like, surcharge, turnover tax, etc.
D A new initiative taken by the Government to increase the tax-burden of high income groups

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A Per capita real income
B Net domestic product
C Gross domestic product
D None of the above

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