Physics - General Science Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams


Which metal is used for the manufacturing of heating elements used in electric iron ?

A Chromium
B Nichrome
C Lead
D Nickel
Answer & Explanation
Option: [B]

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A Final goods
B Giffen goods
C Inferior goods
D Intermediate goods

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A Atmospheric refraction
B Atmospheric reflection
C Total internal reflection
D Dispersion of light

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A In Lathal, the inhabitants never used burnt bricks for construction.
B In Kalibangan, most of the constructions was done by using mud bricks.
C The inhabitants knew the game of dice.
D The inhabitants knew the use of geometrical designs.

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A Gram Sabha
B Gram Panchayat
C Nyaya Panchayat
D Gram Cooperative Society

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A Central Bank
D Both [B] and [C]

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