Physics - General Science Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams


The earth is a

A non-absorber of heat
B good reflector of heat
C bad absorber and bad radiator of heat
D good absorber and good radiator of heat
Answer & Explanation
Option: [C]

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A Mahendra Singh Dhoni
B Brad Haddin
C Kumara Sangakkara
D Umar Akmal

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A Silver halide
B Sodium chloride
C Silver chloride
D Silver bromide

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A Talcher - Andhra Pradesh
B Korba - Uttar Pradesh
C Kawas - Gujarat
D Ramagundam - Tamil Nadu

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A Maintain price stability through creation of buffer stocks
B Protect the interests of both consumers and poor farmers
C Control the production of food grain
D Reduce personal and regional inequality in the distribution

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A explore the possibility of granting dominion status to India
B review the provisions of the Rowlatt Act
C determine the relations of the British Government with the Indian states
D examine the working of the reforms of 1919

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