Science Quiz | General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | Page-16

76 ‘Therm’ is the unit of
A speed
B light
C power
D heat

Answer: Option [D]
77 A pond water appears less deep due to
A polarisation
B refraction
C diffraction
D reflection

Answer: Option [B]
78 Heat from the Sun reaches the Earth by
A radiation
B convection
C reflection
D conduction

Answer: Option [A]
79 The mass of a star is two times the mass of the Sun. How it will come to an end
A White Dwarf
B Black hole
C Neutron Star
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
80 A boat will submerge when it displaces water equal to its own
A weight
B surface area
C volume
D none of the above

Answer: Option [A]


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Random GK Questions

A Bihar
B Madhya Pradesh
C Uttar Pradesh
D Madhya Pradesh
Answer: Option [C]
A increase in money supply
B increase in money supply and fall in production
C fall of production
D decrease in money supply and fall in production
Answer: Option [C]
A TISCO at Burnpur
B Durgapur Iron and Steel Plant
C TISCO at Jamshedpur
D None of the above
Answer: Option [C]
A Tropical Sub-humid Forests
B Tropical Humid Forests
C Tropical Rain Forest
D Tropical Dry Forest
Answer: Option [A]
A Max Muller
B Adam Smith
C Karl Marx
D None of these above
Answer: Option [B]
A land
B wind
C river
D ash from volcanoes
Answer: Option [C]