Which of the following gases do not form part of the atmosphere ?

A Nitrogen
B Chlorine
C Oxygen
D Carbon-dioxide
Answer & Explanation
Option: [B]

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A Stock of plants, machines and equipment
B Gross total of all types of physical capital assets
C Gross total of all capital assets minus wear and tear
D None of these

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A Sher Shah
B Asif Khan
C Shahjahan
D Babar

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A some crops are grown again and again
B two or more crops are grown simultaneously to increase productivity
C growing of different crops in succession to maintain soil fertility
D None of the above

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A Cyclical unemployment
B Seasonal unemployment
C Technological unemployment
D Frictional unemployment

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A air pressure decreases with decrease of height
B air pressure decreases with decrease in weight
C weight of the balloons is less than the weight of air displaced by it
D the pressure inside the balloons is more than the pressure outside it

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