The liquid that comes out of the rubber tree is called :

A Milk
B Lactose
C Silicon
D Latex
Answer & Explanation
Option: [D]

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A Ad hoc Committee
B Standing Committee
C Permanent Committee
D Joint Committee

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A They cannot synthesize certain vitamins themselves and depend on the insects digested by them.
B They have remained in that particular stage of evolution as living fossils, a link between autotrophs and heterotrophs.
C Their growth in shady and dark places does not allow them to understake sufficient photosynthesis and thus they depend on insects for nutrition.
D They are adapted to grow in nitrogen deficient soils and thus depend on insects for sufficient nitrogenous nutrition.

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A India
B Indonesia
C Australia
D Malaysia

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A Rocks without strata
B Rocks with inclined strata
C Rock with horizontal strata
D Rocks with vertical strata

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A Fraternity
B Equality of status
C Justice
D Adult franchise

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