Early morning heavy dew is most likely to be the result of:

A Cloudy sky and strong wind
B Clear sky and calm wind
C Cloudy sky and calm wind
D Clear sky and strong wind
Answer & Explanation
Option: [B]

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A Penicillin
B Paracetamol
C Ampicillin
D Chloramphenicol

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A acetyl salicylic acid
B Methyl salicylate
C alkyl salicylic acid
D Hydroxy salicylate

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A Borrowed by its citizens from abroad
B Lent by its citizen to foreign government
C Borrowed by its government from abroad
D Lent by its government to foreign government

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A Majority Rule
B Stability in Government
C Common Political Thinking
D Representation of Minorities

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A Planning Commission
B Union Cabinet
C National Development Council
D Ministry of Planning

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