Digestion of food stars in:

A Intestine
B Stomach
C Liver
D Mouth
Answer & Explanation
Option: [B]

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A All states have uniform VAT for the same product
B State have discretion to fix the rate of tax within the four rates prescribed
C It will promote production efficiency of investments
D It will make our exports more competitive

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A 26th Amendment Act, 1971
B 27th Amendment Act, 1971
C 38th Amendment Act, 1975
D 42nd Amendment Act, 1976

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A 73rd and 74th Amendments
B 82nd and 83rd Amendments
C 72nd and 73rd Amendments
D 74th and 75th Amendments and Ordinary Law

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A January 15, 1919
B April 13, 1919
C August 14, 1919
D July 3, 1919

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