Diphtheria is a caused by a particular germ causing sorethroat and it results is:

A loosness of bowels
B Throttling
C Loss of memory
D Suffocation
Answer & Explanation
Option: [D]

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A gets flooded often causing havoc
B causes maximum soil erosion
C is not a perennial river
D forms number of dangerous waterfalls

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A Rana Sanga
B Daulat Khan Lodi
C Ibrahim Lodi
D Alauddin Khilji

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A under-er-employment
B inflation
C non-monetised consumption
D low saving

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A Election
B State legislature
C Union legislature
D Fundamental right

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A He appoints the Chief Justice of all High Court
B The CJI administers the oath of office to the President
C The CJI can hold his office till he attains the age of 65 years
D When both the offices of the President and Vice- President fall vacant simultaneously, the CJI discharges the duties of the President

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