Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Geography Practice Test | Set 11

1 Who developed the theory of demographic transition ?
1 Zelinskey
2 Whittlesey
3 Warren Thompson
4 Ravenstein

Answer:Warren Thompson
2 The rule “size of population of nth ranking town in a region will be 1/nth of the largest city in terms of population” was given by
1 M. Jafferson
2 J. Gattman
3 G.K. Ziph
4 C.D. Harris and E.L. Ullman

Answer: G.K. Ziph
3 When 0 – 14 and 15 – 44 age groups population of a country is almost identical, the growth of population would be called
1 Rapid growth
2 Slow growth
3 Zero growth
4 Negative growth

Answer:Zero growth
4 Who modified the crop-combination method propounded by J.C. Weaver ?
1 S.M. Rafiullah
2 Jasbir Singh
3 Doi
4 S.S. Bhatia

Answer: Doi
5 World’s largest Uranium reserves are found in
1 Canada
2 Chile
3 Zaire
4 Nigeria

6 Which one of the following deserts is famous for the deposits of Nitrates ?
1 Sahara
2 Gobi
3 Kalahari
4 Atakama

7 Who among the following is credited with incorporation of concept of geographical space in the Growth Pole Theory ?
1 Myrdal
2 Haggerstand
3 Boudeville
4 Friedman

Answer: Boudeville
8 What are the three basic aspects for spatial interaction as described in Edward Ullman’s model ?
1 Human behaviour, Transferability, Convenience
2 Surplus-deficit relationship, Community specific relationship, Complementarity
3 Complementarity, Intervening opportunity, Transferability
4 Residential neighbourhood, Complementary, Convenience

Answer: Complementarity, Intervening opportunity, Transferability
9 The concept of Cultural landscape was promoted by
1 Ratzel
2 Carl Sauer
3 Wilber Zelinsky
4 Aune Bultimer

Answer:Carl Sauer
10 Which one of the followings is the largest entity in areal location ?
1 Cultural Region
2 Cultural Landscape
3 Cultural Realm
4 Cultural Point

Answer: Cultural Realm
11 Which one of the following regions separates the Great Plains of North India from the plateaus and coastal plains of the Deccan ?
1 Central Highlands
2 Western Himalayas
3 Eastern Himalayas
4 Western Arid Plains

Answer:Central Highlands
12 For which one of the following regions, the flow analysis technique is used for delineation of regions ?
1 Political
2 Formal
3 Functional
4 Physiographic

Answer: Functional
13 Which one of the following authors used 1961 Census of India date to group the seven industrial categories of workers (excluding the first two categories representing the agricultural sector) into the functional types of manufacturing town, trade and transport town and service towns ?
1 Amrit Lal
2 Qazi Ahmed
3 Ashok Mitra
4 S.M. Rafiullah

Answer: Ashok Mitra
14 Who wrote the book ‘Elements of Regional Economics’ ?
1 Harvey S. Perloff
2 Jean Forbes
3 Anotoni Kuklinski
4 Harry W. Richardson

Answer:Harry W. Richardson
15 Which one of the following authors presented model that formed the basis of the planning strategy in the second plan in India ?
1 Harrod
2 Mahalanobis
3 Domer
4 Dandeker

Answer: Mahalanobis

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