Geography Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Geography Practice Test | Set 6

1 Which of the following occupation is classified as a secondary activity ?
1 Carpenter
2 Coal mixer
3 School teacher
4 Farmer

2 Which of the following does not fall under Intensive subsistence rice cultivation ?
1 South East Asia
2 Southern China and Japan
3 Nile valley and delta
4 Coastal and delta areas of India

Answer: Nile valley and delta
3 Which one of the following group of activities are appropriately labelled for Gold-collar worker ?
1 Increasing the value of commodities by changing their form
2 Financial, health, entertainment, education, information and data processing services; middle management administrative services; government bureaucrats
3 Chief executive officers and other top management executives in both government and private service
4 Exchanging services and ideas by telecommunication and satisfying the needs of people by changing their location

Answer:Chief executive officers and other top management executives in both government and private service
4 The concept of Lebensraum became popular in the discipline of Political Geography after the publication of :
1 Political Geography : World Economy, Nation - State and Locality
2 Politische Geographic
3 Geographical Pivot of History
4 Making Political Geography

Answer:Politische Geographic
5 Who propounded the ‘Theory of Heartland’ in Political Geography ?
1 Smith
2 Spykman
3 Mackinder
4 Haushoffer

6 Cephalic index , used to classify human races is calculated as :
1 Ratio between the length and breadth of the nose
2 Ratio between the flatness and length of the head
3 Ratio between breadth and length of the head
4 Ratio between the length of the head and weight of the human body

Answer: Ratio between breadth and length of the head
7 Which of the following statements is not true about a state ?
1 It always has a social or cultural base
2 It has a territorial base
3 It claims internal sovereignty
4 It claims sovereignty in external relations

Answer: It always has a social or cultural base
8 Who coined the term Geopolitics ?
1 Mackinder
2 Haushoffer
3 Kjellen
4 Spykman

Answer: Kjellen
9 Which one of the following regions does not constitute the Damodar Valley Region ?
1 Deltaic Plain of West Bengal
2 Deltaic Plain of Padma River
3 Chotanagpur Plateau
4 Palamau Plateau

Answer:Deltaic Plain of Padma River
10 Which one of the following proposed the definition of regional planning : “ Regional planning is the process of formulating and classifying social objectives in the ordering of activities in supra-urban space” ?
1 Charles L. Leven
2 Antoni Kuklinski
3 H.W. Richardson
4 John Friedman

Answer: John Friedman
11 Which one of the following does not belong to the Exploitive Model of Urban Structure propounded by William Bunge ?
1 City of Superfluity
2 City of Death
3 Central Business District
4 City of Need

Answer:Central Business District
12 National Highway No. 48 in India passes through which of the places ?
1 Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai
2 Pune, Goa, Coimbatore
3 Agra, Bhopal, Mumbai
4 Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad

Answer: Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad
13 In which one of the following states of India the maximum Teak forest is found ?
1 Madhya Pradesh
2 Bihar
3 Uttar Pradesh
4 Karnataka

Answer: Madhya Pradesh
14 Which one of the following passes connects Arunachal Pradesh with Tibet ?
1 Banihal Pass
2 Chang La Pass
3 Bom Dila Pass
4 Aghil Pass

Answer:Bom Dila Pass
15 The decadal growth rate of Indian population between 2001 and 2011 census was :
1 16.64%
2 17.64%
3 18.64%
4 19.64%


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