Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set11

1 On which of the following coins Lord Vishnu is depicted as giving three round objects to a king ?
1 Asvamedha type of Kumaragupta I
2 Chakravikram type of Chandragupta II
3 Standard type of Samudragupta
4 Tiger - slayer type of Samudragupta

Answer: Chakravikram type of Chandragupta II
2 Which of the following is correctly matched ?
1 Aparajitaprichchha - Philosophy
2 Ashtangasangrha - Yoga
3 Brahma Siddhanta - Astronomy
4 Lilavati - Drama

Answer:Brahma Siddhanta - Astronomy
3 Which stone has been used in the building of Mamallapuram temples ?
1 Basalt
2 Granite
3 Sandstone
4 Schist

4 In the absence of a son, who among the following has accepted the rights of women to inherit ?
1 Baudhayana
2 Manu
3 aaParasaraa
4 Yajnavalkya

5 Which of the following contemporary states issued the mandate that any person found to be
1 Avanti
2 Malla
3 Sakya
4 Vatsa

6 Who taught the doctrine of Prapatti ?
1 Basava
2 Madhva
3 Ramanuja
4 Sankara

7 Which one of the following is an important source for the study of ancient culture of Kashmir ?
1 Himvat Khanda of Skanda Purana
2 Matsya Purana
3 Nilmata Purana
4 Vishnudharmottara Purana

Answer: Nilmata Purana
8 Which of the Sultan narrated the following incident of his childhood ? ‘Once a member of the family gave me a small piece of money and said : “Go to the market and bring me some grapes.” I lost the money in the way and as I was of tender age, I began to cry out of fear ... A durwesh took me by hand, and purchased some grapes for me. He then asked, “When you attain to power and dominion will you always regard devotees and ascetics with reverence, and watch over their welfare ?” I gave him my promise.’ :
1 Sultan Qutbuddin Aibek
2 Sultan Iltutmish
3 Sultan Balban
4 Sultan Jalaluddin Khalji

Answer: Sultan Iltutmish
9 Who had propagated the doctrine of Wahdat al-Wujud (Unity of Existence) which began to influence sufi circles in India by the latter half of the fourteenth century ?
1 Ibn al - Arabi
2 Bayazid
3 Shaikh Mubarak
4 Saiyid Muhammad

Answer: Ibn al - Arabi
10 Which one of the following is not the work of Amir Khusrau ?
1 Miftahul Futuh
2 Naat-i Muhammadi
3 Matlaul Anwar
4 Qiranus Sadain

Answer:Naat-i Muhammadi
11 Who is known to have praised India as Hindustan in the following words ? ‘Great is the prosperity of the country of Hindustan. Heaven itself is jealous of this garden. Its territories are an ornament to the face of the earth.
1 Amir Khusrau
2 Isami
3 Ibn Battuta
4 Hasan Nizami

12 Which of the Sultans of Kashmir also opened technical schools where people were taught papermaking, book-binding, and other arts which he had introduced into the state ?
1 Shihabuddin
2 Sikander
3 Zain-ul Abidin
4 Haider Shah

Answer: Zain-ul Abidin
13 Which one of the following is the largest true domes in India ?
1 Alai Darwaza
2 Humayun’s Tomb
3 Tomb of Abdur Rahim Khan i Khanan
4 Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur

Answer:Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur
14 ‘He restored harmony between the Vaishnavas and the Jains, and his pronouncement on this occasion almost echoes Asoka’s edict of toleration’. Who was this ruler of Vijayanagar Empire ?
1 Harihara I
2 Bukka I
3 Harihara II
4 Deva Raya I

Answer: Bukka I
15 Abul Fazl writes that, “He (Akbar) grieved at the departure of this memorial of former sages. He often said that the Mir was his Vakil, philosopher, physician and astronomer, and that no one could understand the amount of his grief for him. “Had he fallen into the hands of the Franks, and they had demanded all my treasurers in exchange for him, I should gladly have entered into such a profitable traffic, and have bought that precious jewel cheap”. On whose death Akbar was grieving ?
1 Mir Murtaza
2 Mir Muhammad Ibrahim
3 Mir Fathullah Shirazi
4 Mir Muhammad Sa‘id

Answer:Mir Fathullah Shirazi

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